LIGHTNING BUG, Hand Crafted by the Amish, 1,000 CP Pressure Lantern

Lightning Bug


Hand Crafted by the Amish, 1,000 CP Pressure Lantern

This amazingly bright lantern is handmade in Lancaster County, PA, by H.C. Lanterns. This bright two mantle lantern features a heavy gauge stainless steel tank with seamless bottom, a stainless frame and hood, a double head burner and a large fuel cap to make refueling a breeze. This lantern has a large two liter fuel tank and the bottom of the tank is shaped to create a fuel reserve so when the lantern starts to run out of fuel you can tip the tank and get a few more minutes of light. The lantern utilizes the HC 500 Head and has two knobs like the Leacock Coleman 107. The black knob is a positive fuel shut-off and wire hand L-Shaped knob is for the pricker to clean the jet.

This lantern comes in four different fuel and filler cap configurations.


This lantern is perfect for lighting up the outdoors. Great for camping or a cabin that is off-grid. The Amish use them daily in their homes and barns. 8 hours of light on 2.5 quarts of kerosene.

Some history on the HC-500 (prototype for the Model 500CK) –

US lantern manufacturers A – I

Additional information

Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 9 in


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