“The FireFly”- Hanging and / or Table lamp


The ‘FIREFLY’ 1,000 CP Pressure Lantern



The ‘FIREFLY’ – 1,000 CP Pressure Lantern

This amazingly bright lantern is handmade in Lancaster County, PA, by H.C. Lanterns. This bright two mantle lantern features a heavy gauge stainless steel tank with seamless bottom, a stainless frame and hood, a double head burner and a large fuel cap to make refueling a breeze. This lantern has a large two liter fuel tank and the bottom of the tank is shaped to create a fuel reserve so when the lantern starts to run out of fuel you can tip the tank and get a few more minutes of light. The lantern utilizes the HC 500 Head and has two knobs like the Leacock Coleman 107 or an older Quick Lite Lantern with a Q55 Generator. The black knob is a positive fuel shut-off and wire hand L-Shaped knob is for the pricker to clean the jet.

This lantern comes in four different fuel and filler cap configurations.

If you think this lantern looks like a Leacock Lamp 107SS you are right! Leave it to the Amish to make a high capacity version of the Leacock Lamp. Easily use your Leacock Shades and/or globes to complete the custom look you want!

Some history on the HC-500 (prototype for the Model 500CK) –

US lantern manufacturers A – I

PLEASE NOTE: Glass Globe and Adapter sold separately

Additional information

Weight 88 oz
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 9 in


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